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This small person in the heavy dress had to be hoisted into the cumbersomely ornate gilt state coach, on which painted nymphs and cherubs frolicked across the roof and peeped in the windows.
I look back romantically at those days, when you could relax with half a pint in front of a roaring fire and not worry about whether the small person with you was going to throw your iPhone in it.
These cars make driving a pleasure and they fulfil the brief to the letter even if, like me, you are a relatively small person -which makes the Flying Spur an option for everyone.
Lauren Child's The New Small Person (9780763678104, $17.
Young Elmore Green's life seems perfect and orderly until one day when "somebody else came along," and that someone happens to be The New Small Person.
papasuncle Parenting: the act of threatening a small person who looks like you.
again in Winogrand's work, we see the big machine trivializing the small person to suggest the absurdity of this relationship, the awkward, even bad, fit.
He is tall, he is big and he has a physique a bit like Yaya Toure, but technically he's like a small person.
I am a small person and understand that respecting the Constitution of India is the bigger duty.
A small person much like a child calls out to them and calls bran by name and asks them to follow her if they wanted to be saved.
You may look at him as a small person, but his mind is heavier than his body.
I wanted to be larger than the small person I needed to be in my big house," explains Dee Williams, sitting comfortably inside her 84-ft (2) home.
Mrs Japp, from Worthing, West Sussex, said: 'It was a very small balcony and I am a very small person, and you don't get much momentum going by walking about three feet.
She said that she was a small person and if she lost about 15 pounds she would look just like them, which was a scary thought, Fox News reported.
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