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Which, in Summer Bay, is small fry on the scale of things that can go wrong.
Like so many small fry on the Labour backbenches, he had little or nothing to say of any consequence during Blair's reign.
OTHER: Receptionist at Wingate at Sudbury; nursing home volunteer; Small Fry soccer instructor; physics and math tutor; town indoor and outdoor soccer teams; martial arts; Relay For Life; animal shelter volunteer.
These small fry can't be seen with even the world's largest telescopes.
And two $2,000 shopping sprees for bedroom furniture at Cargo Kids tempts the small fry at Fort Worth's 78 elementary schools.
The animated ``Shark Tale,'' featuring the voice of Will Smith as an undersea small fry who tells a big fish story, put the bite on the box office with a $47.
Leo Romero and Matt Allen hold down the Top-10-style, rail and stair duties, while Mile-High small fry Angel Ramirez gets mystery man props.
Still, Stanley is small fry in the realm of corporate governance and executive compensation fiascos.
Sounds is the seventh installment in the Small Fry series, which is aimed at an infant and toddler audience.
Small fry in comparison to market leader SoBe, snapped up last year by Pepsi, Mad Rover's price tag was believed to be just $7m, but rapid expansion is expected as it reaps the benefits of Coke's marketing machine, bottling system and distribution network.
A plan to allow small fry onto the airwaves is thwarted by broadcaster interference.
Because of its focus, Leawood has opened up the export market to the small fry.
However, hedging is not available to the small fry.
On my knees, I stare into the limpid water beneath the dock of a deep bay on Lake Superior, into the eyes of small fry that hang around the dock and decorate my hair.
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