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Even the lower price offered by the mills was not paid in a timely manner and the small farmers were made to suffer.
Therefore, government should provide subsidy especially for small farmer for initial investment in this business.
42 hectare), the small farmer customer group is an important one for the PBDAC and for the greater goals of improved agricultural productivity and food security.
The marginal and small farmers account for nearly 80 percent of the total operational holdings in the country, cultivating about 36 percent of the operated area.
The small farmer in America is a dying breed and Susan Mehaffey's short memoir may provide some clues as to why this is true.
One key debate focuses on the difference between small farmer cooperatives and large plantations.
I also am a small farmer that tries to present information to my customers to help educate them on what is right and what is wrong in the world of agriculture.
They are also going to label products with an Ox-eye daisy to tell consumers that they are buying goods that not only have been produced in the UK but are selling at a price which guarantees the small farmer a profit.
And he calls for regulations to ensure that if a small farmer sells up, his milk quota will go to a neighbour, rather than to some huge outside operation.
The small farmer still can't afford it -- it's a matter of income and economics," he said.
However, there is quite a difference of opinion about the definition of what is a small farmer.
If the small farmer has to mill the palay and sell the milled rice, it will take time.
These are the proud words of an Egyptian small farmer whose tomato yields topped those of a typical Californian farmer.
But the stereotype of the small farmer as obsolete human clinging to an obsolete kind of life, though equally false, is harder to deal with because it comes from a more complicated prejudice, entrenched in superstition and a kind of insanity.
As against Pakistan in India small farmer is one who owns land below 2 hectares (5 acres) and that average holding in Asia comes to over 1 hectare (2.
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