small change

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Synonyms for small change

a small or trifling amount of money

Synonyms for small change

a trifling sum of money

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He was satisfied by the subtle modification of his personal aspect caused by these small changes.
THREE charities in Newcastle are among 1,000 around the UK to benefit from Yorkshire Building Society members' small change.
EIGHTEEN Huddersfield charities are among 1,000 in the UK to benefit from Yorkshire Building Society members' small change.
Small Change, Big Results: How Simple Actions Can Reshape Your Life is designed for readers with big dreams who want to link these ideals with concrete goal-setting skill sets.
Straits Times Press (STP), the book publishing arm of Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH), will launch Small Change (Book 2) Turning Cents Into Dollars on 22 January 2015.
Small Change, Big Gains: Reflections of an Energy Entrepreneur
Wansink, who is the author of 'Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life', which is an upcoming book about how design choices influence eating behavior, said that this is an example of how a really small change can transform a person's interacts with food in a way that doesn't entail dieting.
The main reason is, none of these merchants actually have small change in coins.
The chocolate or chewing gum which one gets in lieu of small change can now be donated as charity at Mega Mart and Shoprite , local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.
George Selgin (2009) offers a challenge to 100 percent reserve money with the problem of small change.
nuneaton-baseair cadets have been saving every penny of their small change in their own bid to support our injured troops.
I WOULD just like to give praise to a lovely charity shop in my neighbourhood, it's called Small Change and is in Orrell Park.
DLANDERS are being urged to dig out their small change and donate it to charity.
Small Change causes the reader to struggle with fundamental "truths" about money and politics, to revisit old questions, and to ask new ones.
THE credit crunch is hitting people's pockets - as they reach for small change to pay for items.