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small cane of watery or moist areas in southern United States

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They were led by Abadgar Action Committee Pairo Village District Dadu President Bhai Khan Birhamani, Jabal Sindhi, Pir Mithal, Ghulam Rasool Arain and others small cane growers were with them.
VegNews published a 2006 article stating that a small cane sugar company, U.
Family and social life has been built around the small cane farms.
In the United States, there are two native bamboo species, southern cane (Arundinaria gigantea) and small cane (Arundinaria tecta).
75 million) to small cane growers whose earnings have been affected by the weak European currency, and to the Independent Sugar Cane Growers Association, reports CANA (July 26, 2000).
Long, 37, lashed out with a knife when he was finally cornered in the small cane farming town of Howard, central Queensland.
Griggs, "The Origins and Development of the Small Cane Farming System in Queensland, 1870-1915," Journal of Historical Geography 23 (1997): 56.
This is easy if you shove a small cane in the pot, or make a rough frame with a bent wire coat- hanger.
The end result was 25 pounds of candy canes, about 100 small canes and more than 50 large ones.
Perhaps a little fleece as the buds are developing, held in place with three small canes and a couple of stones, will keep the birds off.