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a businessman who runs a business employing less than 100 people

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As the host of Market to Market on Public Television and the daily farm show, The Big Show, Mark brings to life his years of experience as a farmer, small businessman, stockbroker and government official.
His example was this: Suppose you asked a small businessman what percentage of his business was due to e-mail.
His company has helped ruin most high streets by undercutting small commerces, building boring B&Qstyle sheds, turning whole areas into Tesco zones, always going for demolition without any sentimental attachment for the small businessman.
A man who ran a small businessman was talking about his work force.
Last week British businessman and UKIP member Godfrey Bloom caused outrage when he claimed ``no small businessman with a brain would give a job to a woman of child-bearing age''.
Despite the bad timing, Moger found that the shoes of a small businessman fit him well.
While it can be a very difficult process for a small businessman, it is beneficial in the long-run for the industry.
When one of the trio, later identified as 18-year-old Francis Dalton, fired a shot through a window of Cho's car, the terrified small businessman sped up and raced three blocks with his assailants in hot pursuit before pulling into the parking lot of a check-cashing business.
The small businessman, who operates Quality Support, Inc.
The foundation of Corporate America is built upon the small businessman.
Whipsnade's life as a small businessman is made even more complicated by a labor thug who barges into his office with the ominous words: "You don't want no trouble with the unions, do you?
FOR many years the small businessman was often heard to say: "My business is my pension.
The bank are welcome to take me to court and if they do the PR disaster already incurred will get worse because I will be seen as a principled small businessman being bullied by somebody without any principles.
The type of service I offer is ideal for the small businessman who needs to keep his standards high to impress his customers.
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