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Early next morning their numerous chests and boxes were hoisted on deck and lowered to waiting small boats for transportation to shore.
Into the small boats were also loaded salt meats and biscuit, with a small supply of potatoes and beans, matches, and cooking vessels, a chest of tools, and the old sails which Black Michael had promised them.
As though himself fearing the very thing which Clayton had suspected, Black Michael accompanied them to shore, and was the last to leave them when the small boats, having filled the ship's casks with fresh water, were pushed out toward the waiting Fuwalda.
Von Horn ran the small boat within hailing distance of the dismasted hulk whose side was now lined with waving, gesticulating natives.
The Dyaks willingly agreed, and von Horn worked his small boat in close under the Ithaca's stern.
It was quickly decided to abandon the small boat and embark the entire party in the deserted war prahu.
The ape-man had been about to read a note that one of the sailors had handed him as the small boat that bore him to the shore was on the point of returning to the steamer, but at the hail from the vessel's deck he looked up.
On the morning of the third day came the skippers of the three schooners and that mate in a small boat.
That afternoon they landed from the schooner in three small boats filled with white men.
Didn't the full-rigged ship, the whaler Essex, sink off the west coast of South America, twelve hundred miles from the nearest land for the small boats to cover, and all because of a big cow whale that butted her into kindling-wood?
Johnson was a splendid seaman, and he knew as much about small boats as he did about ships.
At last the sea subsided, and we were able to get a better view of the armada of small boats in our wake.
The city of loviisa is asking for a bid on the small boat pier of the island of svartholma.
EIGHT men have been charged over an alleged people-smuggling operation involving Albanian migrants being shipped across the English Channel in small boats.
The dhow then sailed off, the cutter retrieved its personnel from the small boat and went its own way.