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Early next morning their numerous chests and boxes were hoisted on deck and lowered to waiting small boats for transportation to shore.
And then I knew that I would see the East first as commander of a small boat.
Light as the task would have been for a strong man to lower the small boat to the ground, it took Daylight hours.
The freedom and motion of the small boat appealed to her.
Have you remarked another thing, my friend - that is, since the disappearance of our barks, during the last two days' absence of fishermen, not a single small boat has landed on the shores of the isle?
In the dawn the sail was nearer, and I saw it was the dirty lug-sail of a small boat.
Then she looked for the other boats, but as far as the eye could reach there was nothing to break the fearful monotony of that waste of waters--they were alone in a small boat upon the broad Atlantic.
To get so large an animal into a small boat appears at first a difficulty, but the Indians managed it in a minute.
These wherries are large vessels, with good accommodation for carrying passengers from Harwich to London; and though they are called wherries, which is a word used in the Thames for a small boat rowed with one or two men, yet these are vessels able to carry twenty passengers, and ten or fifteen tons of goods, and fitted to bear the sea.
She was a Dutchwoman, enormously fat--when she walked she rolled like a small boat on the ocean, and the dishes in the cupboard jostled each other.
The last extremity of sailors, overtaking a small boat or a frail craft, seems easier to bear, because of the direct danger of the seas.
He could see it quite distinctly when he rubbed the mists out of his eyes, and he could see the white sail of a small boat cutting the water of the shining sea.
Didn't the full-rigged ship, the whaler Essex, sink off the west coast of South America, twelve hundred miles from the nearest land for the small boats to cover, and all because of a big cow whale that butted her into kindling-wood?
At last the sea subsided, and we were able to get a better view of the armada of small boats in our wake.
had taken up her position in the middle of a great bay; she dropped her anchor; immediately, as if she were a recumbent giant requiring examination, small boats came swarming about her.