small beer

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something of small importance

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Reduce the excise tax for small beer producers from $7 to $3.
A specialist company, Small Beer, is arranging the delivery of real ales from as far afield as Scotland, Yorkshire, and Norfolk, as well as Nuneaton's own brewery at Church End.
Senate this week that would give the country's 1,500 small beer makers a tax break.
That's relatively small beer, considering the roughly $23 million in suits other creditors have filed against Clary since the summer of 2008.
Mind you, that was small beer compared to the pounds 140,000 ageing punkers the Sex Pistols were apparently paid for their ear-bashing slot of little more than an hour on stage.
Giles Coren and Sue Perkins try out the cuisine of Restoration Britain in the 1660s, including such things as coxcombs, eel pie and small beer.
He was a vegetarian and drank nothing stronger than small beer.
Best Large Spirits Supplier - Allied Domecq Best Small Spirits Supplier - Remy Amerique Best Large Beer Supplier - Anheuser-Busch Best Small Beer Supplier - The Boston Beer Company Best Large Wine Supplier - E.
Small beer, mostly, but every drop applies more public pressure on journalists to do a better job.
And those who dwell on other issues, as Krugman pointed out in 1994, are focused on small beer.
We have some 300 small beer mats from England and Europe, the Magna Charta (Jean is from Northern England), and some old holiday greeting cards from friends and family stapled to the walls.
But the Italian artist's inverted pedestal was small beer compared to the cosmological cataclysms unleashed by Keith Tyson.
This naturally means that there is no such thing as a small beer in Portland and we were not complaining
I cannot remember the year, though I do recall that I had a full head of hair and only a small beer belly, so it was probably the election won by Gladstone.
But the Suarez debacle is actually small beer compared to the more interesting poser at Sheffield Utd.