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the act of smacking something


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An NSPCC report on smacking made it clear: "Any form of physical violence towards children is an infringement of the child's rights as defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child".
which made links between smacking children and adult aggression.
He was confident of not getting any criticism from his admission of smacking.
The Results: The children exposed to smacking were twice as likely to have emotional or behavioral problems as their peers who were never smacked.
Unite/CPHVA Lead Professional Officer, Obi Amadi said smacking children is 'unacceptable' whatever the relation to the youngster.
There probably aren't many of us who, as children, haven't been the recipient of a smack from our parents now and then, and more than a few will still admit to using smacking to discipline our own children.
Legally, mild smacking is permitted so long as it doesn't cause bruising, swelling, cuts or grazes to the child.
The plain-speaking MP for Tottenham said parents were scared of smacking their children because they feared being labelled abusers, and having their kids taken away, by social workers.
Now the Royal College of Paediatrics has said smacking should be banned because of the risk 'today's smack will become tomorrow's punch', arguing for some it's an 'easy option'.
LEGISLATION surrounding the smacking of children needs to be relaxed so working-class parents can instil discipline in their homes without fearing prosecution, according to a senior Labour politician.
Paratylotropidia brunneri Scudder is the first insect known to communicate over fairly long distances by producing an audible sound from the mouth--literally smacking its lips.
Stuart Malcolm, the partner of the baby's mother, admitted smacking the child on the bottom because, he says, he was misbehaving.
CRIME in Britain could be cut if parents stop smacking their kids, says a GERMAN expert.
If they succeed, I will again oppose it, which seems odd when I abhor smacking and long for a world in which every child is free from fear.