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And thou sly hypocrite, who now wouldst seem Patron of liberty, who more then thou Once fawn'd, and cring'd, and servilly ador'd Heav'ns awful Monarch?
But, Tinker, men say that he is but a sad, sly thief.
Sly art thou, Tinker," quoth he, "but not yet, I bow, art thou as sly as that same sly thief Robin Hood.
At the next halt Hooja the Sly One managed to find enough slack chain to permit him to worm himself back quite close to Dian.
What the Sly One's intention was I paused not to inquire; but instead, before he could lay hold of her with his other hand, I placed a right to the point of his jaw that felled him in his tracks.
Hooja the Sly One," murmured Ghak, who was now next to me in line.
Hooja the Sly One escaped and took the others with him," replied Ghak.
Well does he deserve his appellation of the Sly One.
On the table," replied Matvey, glancing with inquiring sympathy at his master; and, after a short pause, he added with a sly smile, "They've sent from the carriage-jobbers.
Has the sly old fox made his fortune then, and gone to live in a tranquil cot in a pleasant spot with a distant view of the changing sea?
Not to be behind-hand in the bustle, Mr Quilp went to work with surprising vigour; hustling and driving the people about, like an evil spirit; setting Mrs Quilp upon all kinds of arduous and impracticable tasks; carrying great weights up and down, with no apparent effort; kicking the boy from the wharf, whenever he could get near him; and inflicting, with his loads, a great many sly bumps and blows on the shoulders of Mr Brass, as he stood upon the door-steps to answer all the inquiries of curious neighbours, which was his department.
Sly brings to Paragon over 30 years of highly-focused, hands-on business experience in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industries.
Sly Stone and his band were the funkiest group around and had already had a top ten hit single on both sides of the Atlantic with Dance To The Music.
It's a good day for Sly, it's a good day for entertainers in general,'' said one of his attorneys, Nicholas Hornberger.
Sly, 68, said: "I always thought my heroes would be tough guys or athletes but when it gets down to it, it is people who save your life like firemen, police and doctors.