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Synonyms for sluttishness

in the manner of a slattern

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Feminism was long hair, dungarees and dangly earings; postfeminism was business suits, big hair and lipstick, post post feminism was sluttishness and disorderly behaviour (Greer 1999, 4).
Ultimately, however, the poet objects far less to her supposedly natural feminine sluttishness than to her apparently unnatural intellectual pursuits: "Women grown intellectual grow dull, / And lose the mother wit of natural trull" (41).
You'd think that men would be the worst culprits, but Kim and Aggie find that sluttishness knows no sexual boundaries.
It is, however, a sluttishness probably to be expected of someone who had to make a living after he discovered that the novels he reviewed were a lot better than the novels he wrote.
Rapture, surely one of the first mainstream pop songs to incorporate rap, was just that, rapture, and although Debbie Harry's vocals were sometimes off key she still has, in late middle age, that same beguiling mixture of innocence and sluttishness that makes her that modern rarity, a true pop icon.