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Synonyms for sluttish

characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern

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casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior

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After commenting on Cotton's demure dress, he said: "Well, Harry certainly likes quite sluttish women.
This great city appeared sluttish beneath her regal garb.
I sup'd and went to bed, where I had not laine long, but I was enforced to rise, I was so stung with Irish Musketaes, a creature that hath sixe legs, and lives like a monster altogether upon mans flesh, they doe inhabite and breed most in sluttish houses, and this house was none of the cleanlest, the beast is much like a louse in England, both in shape and nature; in a word, they were to me the A.
He admits, for instance: "I do reckon the generality of girls are sluttish, though my wife is not.
The despair and disillusion of Matthew Kelly's George grows with the evening while Tracey Childs is truly remarkable as Martha, the sluttish, gin-soaked wife who finds solace in booze and sniping at her husband and their unfulfilled life.
It was what previous generations have described as being sluttish.
When psychotic Danny (Laurence Breuls) is sent down for decapitating the store clerk he was robbing, unhealthily-close sluttish suburban teen sister Katrina (Emily Barclay, above) dumps her baby and goes off on a four day bender, corrupting her innocent manicurist along the way.
These character traits are also in line with mythical norms in American society which suggest that there are three kinds of women, nice girls who you take home to mother, sluttish girls who deserve to be raped because they "ask for it", and gold-diggers who are really just glorified prostitutes.
He has no friends except for an African-American girl named Joryleen, whom he judges constantly for what he perceives as her sluttish way of dressing.
In most cases I had to work with a motley horde of sluttish, unkempt, and unwashed men, women and children peering over my shoulders and into my face.
There were baskets, barrels, boxes, Irish women and sluttish house-keepers, white, black, yellow and brown; thickly crowding the walk.
The second emphasis in Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife is also encapsulated in its final paragraph: "Then let us have a language worthy of our world, a democratic style where rich and well-born nouns can roister with some sluttish verb yet find themselves content and uncomplained of.
In the 1946 Oscar-winner The Best Years of Our Lives, she played the sluttish sweetheart of a returning World War II veteran.
Tara struggles to understand what her ex sees in Michelle - and blamed the busty 23-year-old from Newcastle for triggering the notorious BB bonk with her sluttish behaviour.
The house needs a total clean and tidy,my hair needs cutting and clothes need seeing to if I am not to find clips being sold on to a satellite channel to be used in a programme such as Sluttish Housewives from Hell.