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a suspension of insoluble particles (as plaster of Paris or lime or clay etc

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The slurry pipeline system is an alternate mode of transportation of iron ore fines in slurry form, after fine grinding and its concentration.
According to Hawelka, "The laser radiation is absorbed directly in the slurry and minimizes heat losses to the surroundings.
As a result of this research, post barrier CMP planarity, specifically density array erosion, is improved by varying the specific barrier slurry removal rate ratios in a controllable fashion," said Jim Schlueter, Air Products' advanced barrier technology manager, who is presenting the technical paper.
Scientists at Oregon State University evaluated and optimized surimi slurry as an edible coating that would reduce the fat uptake in fried shrimp.
Officers from NRW have recently dealt with two major slurry pollution incidents and a serious farm diesel spill.
The ordeal was triggered when he started pumping slurry from an underground pit into a tractor-driven tank for spreading.
Participants will be offered PS50 to sample their slurry or FYM and encouraged to make better use of their farm nutrients.
A tractor towing a trailer of farmyard slurry had overturned, spilling its contents all over the road.
Streets being subjected to slurry are closed to all traffic for up to eight hours.
This study aimed to (i) investigate the effect of time between application and the first runoff event on the nutrient and microbial losses from land-applied manure slurries, and (ii) determine how the nutrient loss in runoff varies with changes in solid content of the manure slurry product being applied.
It comes less than two years after rugby star Nevin Spence, 22, his father and brother died in a slurry tank accident in Co Down.
Decomposition of slurry can release a cocktail of toxic gasses including hydrogen sulphide, even a few breaths of which can render a person unconscious.
tna, has launched an automated continuous slurry mixing and application system for the snacking industry.
The mass of the slurry is continuously measured using patented, high resolution density transducer as the slurry passes through an obstruction free flow tube.
1) heating a slurry of raw titanium dioxide particles to a temperature of from 85 to 1000[degrees]C, (2) adding citric acid as a solution in water to the slurry to form a mixture, (3) adjusting the pH of the mixture to 10 or more, (4) adding sufficient sodium silicate as a water solution to the mixture to deposit silica on the surface of the particles of from 1 to 6% based on the weight of the titanium dioxide particles in the slurry, (5) neutralizing the slurry by addition of a mineral acid over the course of one hour, thereby forming a slurry of silica coated titanium dioxide particles; B.