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eat noisily

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SLURP FACTOR: 5/5 Custard Cream Biscuits (400g), 65p, Tesco FIVE SECONDS: | Sloppy mess that was impossible to eat.
Once all the meatballs have been browned add the chopped onion to the pan and sweat, add a tin of tomatoes, a spoonful of honey, a good slurp of red wine water and season to taste.
We slurp, spit and pronounce, with confidence, with solemn demeanor.
For those who slurp a cup of joe daily, the hike will mean an extra $18 annually, roughly equal to a year's subscription to Vogue, the smash hit ``Cars'' DVD, or 6.
UK tea lovers slurp their way through 48 billion cuppas annually, a Sainsbury's survey found.
A SURVEY by the Noise Association has found that pub-goers prefer to slurp their pint of Old Ploughman's Earplug without having Muzak burbling away in the background.
Proper cupping table manners require the slurp be loud.
Also, today at Macworld, Blurb is previewing its new iPhoto integration - users can now slurp high-resolution photo albums, rolls, or individual images directly from iPhoto into BookSmart, and either auto-flow or build a book from scratch.
But rather than slurp up pollen and nectar from flowers as most bees do, vulture bees gather meat.
5 of the BookSmart application enables Blurb customers to create softcover books and slurp blogs from any TypePad or WordPress account, while the Bookstore now offers a new Book Preview feature.
Swimming in near-freezing arctic waters, the behe-mouths slurp up sediments by the tubful to strain out enough tiny crustaceans to sustain their 35-ton forms.
GUINNESS drinkers are taking a slurp back in time as they enjoy their stout from a new-look can.
Obviously the mass goer doesn't see the wafer as the body of Christ but an excuse to slurp up a mouthful of dip.
But once the bugs have been immobilized and partially digested by a spider's venomous bite, they make a perfect meal for the milichiids, which slurp their dinners through long, needle-like feeding tubes.
DANNY Kibbey and his wife Chantal, 28, used their savings and a bank loan to open the Slurp Juice Bar And Cafe in Norwich last July.