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eat noisily

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SLURP FACTOR: 2/5 Bourbon Creams (200g), 55p, Sainsbury's FIVE SECONDS: | Slam dunk, hit the bottom of the cup.
Any device with storage capabilities also has the ability to slurp, but some of these tools are used in business on a daily basis and while it has been implemented by some organizations, a blanket ban is not always a practical solution.
Also, decreased cloud cover over Amazonian rain forests enabled the trees there to slurp up 5 billion more metric tons of carbon dioxide in 1999 than they did in 1982.
We slurp, spit and pronounce, with confidence, with solemn demeanor.
For those who slurp a cup of joe daily, the hike will mean an extra $18 annually, roughly equal to a year's subscription to Vogue, the smash hit ``Cars'' DVD, or 6.
UK tea lovers slurp their way through 48 billion cuppas annually, a Sainsbury's survey found.
com features music first introduced in 1970 by 7-Eleven along with a special Slurp dance step.
A SURVEY by the Noise Association has found that pub-goers prefer to slurp their pint of Old Ploughman's Earplug without having Muzak burbling away in the background.
Proper cupping table manners require the slurp be loud.
Also, today at Macworld, Blurb is previewing its new iPhoto integration - users can now slurp high-resolution photo albums, rolls, or individual images directly from iPhoto into BookSmart, and either auto-flow or build a book from scratch.
But rather than slurp up pollen and nectar from flowers as most bees do, vulture bees gather meat.
Jazz will play, at the live auction you'll pay, and clam mussel, oyster, geoduck dishes prepared by several of the area's best restaurants will make you want to slurp the night away.
5 of the BookSmart application enables Blurb customers to create softcover books and slurp blogs from any TypePad or WordPress account, while the Bookstore now offers a new Book Preview feature.
Local celebrities, retailers and restaurateurs will file into Redmond on the day of Shuckfest to partake in the Oyster Slurping and Shucking Competitions, Jeff Renner of KING TV and Penny Legate (and family) from KIRO TV have signed on to slurp.
You might be one of the first astronauts to slurp moon juice, lick a moonpop, or ski down the slope of an ice-slicked crater.