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(of housing or residential areas) indicative of poverty

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It's as if some (usually non-parents) imagine that, having failed to persuade a baby to remain quiet - preferably with the aid of nothing more than a stern look - the slummy mummy resorts to plugging its mouth with a piece of moulded rubber.
FIONA NEILL, the author of The Secret Life Of A Slummy Mummy, returns with a new novel about penniless student Ali Sparrow, who becomes the nanny for wealthy couple Bryony and Nick Skinner.
yummy to slummy, Dannii Minogue reckons having a baby has overhauled her wardrobe.
20) If the slum is what Slumdog finds fascinating, then the latter's slummy style may be what, more often than not, draws the ire of its detractors.
BILLIE PIPER has tranformed herself from slummy mummy to yummy mummy.
Despite long sedation by under-investment of myopic managements, slummy facilities and threat of relegation to the old Third Division, it kept the loyalty of one of the nation's biggest fan followings.
And the 5ft 6in star - who now tips the scales at nine and a half stone - is adamant anyone can go from slummy mummy to yummy mummy.
While down at the other end of the scale many slummy mummies couldn't care less about healthy eating and will probably use the cash to stock up on booze and fags rather than apples and pears.
Anna Louizos' vaguely slummy brownstone set is full of compartments and surprises.
Pat O'Mara, The Autobiography of a Liverpool Slummy (London, 1934): 11.
Moss acknowledges that he's excited by danger, but walking alone through signless, slummy back streets to reach Jihad's squalid room, he berates himself for his foolhardiness.
The other half is a giant maze of a club that makes it feel kind of empty; I tended to stick to the slummy half.
They finish the day at 'All-Max" in the East End, a slummy take-off on the exclusive Almack's in the fashionable West End: 'All-Max required no introductions: people paired off and danced with one another according to fancy.
By this term they meant films which appropriated the outer trappings of neo-realism--indigent characters, slummy settings, tragic plots--without acknowledging the deeply progressive vision which underlies its indictment of social ills.