slumber party

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an overnight party of girls who dress in nightclothes and pass the night talking

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You figured out the second slumber party secret by yourself.
As with most rock 'n' roll musicians, the women behind Demimonde Slumber Party dream big.
Pay Per View: Howard Stem's Full-House Slumber Party.
LOS ANGELES -- Photos from Nintendo's DRAGON QUEST IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Halloween Slumber Party Are Available on Business Wire's Web Site and AP PhotoExpress.
Slumber Party @EmmiesHouse : Emmie, the Brooklyn-based host of this web series, interviews her favorite artists straight from her own fan-crazed bedroom.
One bullet fatally hit their daughter, Shanti Lanza, who had been hiding in an upstairs bedroom as the fight unfolded during a slumber party with her friends.
PFWC is a joint endeavor between Brooklyn Artist Andrew Thompson, creator of Punk Rock Pillow Fight, and a group of Austrian women who wish for the slumber party showdown to become a respectable adult competition.
So far this series, the boys have been responsible for the majority of the mischiefmaking - but that's all set to change in tonight's episode, in which ditzy beauty therapy student Pandora throws a 'girls only' slumber party to cheer herself up when her African love-interest Thomas is deported.
Former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon had plenty of fans wanting share her duvet when she performed at the G-A-Y Slumber Party at the weekend.
In her new book, she lends a hand with more than 20 different parties - such as A Cooking Shower, An Ice Cream Social, A Teenager's Slumber Party, A Weekend Campout and more.
The slumber party is alive and well (despite that it's designed mostly for the snot-nosed) at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
The girls turned the stage into a teenage bedroom for a mock slumber party which was crashed by sexy blokes who leapt into bed with the singers for some sizzling dance moves.
There's the opportunity of a slumber party in the Wendy House and the real chance of jumping the queue if you make the effort.
If you need a few suggestions on how to make a slumber party an event that your friends will definitely remember, grab a copy of The Sleepover Cookbook.