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Synonyms for slum


Synonyms for slum

a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions

spend time at a lower socio-economic level than one's own, motivated by curiosity or desire for adventure

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Ask the perfumers, ask the blacking-makers, ask the hatters, ask the old lottery-office-keepers--ask any man among 'em what my poetry has done for him, and mark my words, he blesses the name of Slum.
Then upon my soul and honour, ma'am, you'll find in a certain angle of that dreary pile, called Poets' Corner, a few smaller names than Slum,' retorted that gentleman, tapping himself expressively on the forehead to imply that there was some slight quantity of brain behind it.
Five shillings,' returned Mr Slum, using his pencil as a toothpick.
Mrs Jarley was not proof against the poet's insinuating manner, and Mr Slum entered the order in a small note-book as a three-and-sixpenny one.
His boxing, and his experience in the slums and ghettos of the world, had taught him restraint.
His complexion was robust, his hair had receded but not thinned, the thick moustache and the eyes that Helen had compared to brandy-balls had an agreeable menace in them, whether they were turned towards the slums or towards the stars.
He imagines, perhaps, that the owner of this instrument of crime, the most terrible invented, is going to be found amongst those who are well-known in the slums of Paris who use it.
Why, you who live on the land know that you house your poor people in the slums of cities and loose famine and pestilence upon them, and that there still remain more poor people, dying for want of a crust of bread and a bit of meat (which is life destroyed), than you know what to do with.
Sometimes they said he was given up to smoking opium and collecting old books; sometimes he was reported to be trying strange things in chemistry; sometimes he was seen carousing and amusing himself among the lowest people in the lowest slums of London.
You dare be impudent," Mr Vladimir began, with an amazingly guttural intonation not only utterly un-English, but absolutely un- European, and startling even to Mr Verloc's experience of cosmopolitan slums.
Summary: The last wisp of sunlight before nightfall paints the seaside slum where Sheikh Imad Bkhit lives deep lavender.
Amin told Daily News Egypt that the issue of slums is exploited for propaganda, pointing to the political exploitation of slum-inhabitants, especially in the parliamentary election period.
A high level side event titled One billion slum dwellers: Tackling the unfinished business of the Millennium Development Goal on water, sanitation and slums took place last month at the UN Headquarters during the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit held in New York.
The petitioner informed the apex court that a citizen filed an application in Islamabad High Court (IHC) to seek permission to get Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), in return the IHC ordered the local administration to demolish the slum through operation.
The slum in Sector H-10/1 has been partially demolished because dwellers sought some time for voluntary vacation of state land.