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conduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate

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Dry docks are basins where the water level can be controlled via a sluiceway, which allowed for the construction or repair of boats.
Steps in a corner of the piazza lead down to a court in which you are suddenly overwhelmed by water cascading down the walls, splashing over a recessed walkway, and throwing off a fine mist -- as though you had scaled a dam and found yourself in its sluiceway, wondering if the force of the torrent might carry you away.
To produce water power, a $30,000 dam was built half a mile from the mine, a sluiceway constructed, and a 38-foot water wheel installed; steam as a source of power was removed (Richardson, 1854).
The outwash on the flood plains of glacial sluiceway valleys are the apparent source for loess that thins eastward and also decreases in mean grain size with distance from the Wabash Valley (Hall 1973; and references therein) except where other loess sources (e.
Deep in the dam's innards, I stood over an enormous sluiceway, spellbound by the whirling shaft of a turbine as big as a house.
Millrace--A sluiceway through which water runs to drive the wheel of a water mill.
Donations connected to foreign sources have accounted for only a tiny percent of the hundreds of millions of dollars in "soft money" delivered to the parties, the sluiceway that is the real scandal.
A sluiceway was built around such obstacles to get the logs through.
Indoors Mariana's grange sports doors, floorboards, hinges, window-panes, wainscoting - a veritable builder's catalogue - while outdoors there are bats, oxen, a rooster, a poplar, a stagnant sluiceway, all conveying the offensive actuality of a farm left idle.
Sometimes these have brought him up short--the first campsite is now in a different state, the once grand sight of the Missouri's Great Falls now runs through a turbine house and a concrete sluiceway.
The sluiceway usually consists of wood or concrete abutments at the sides of the out-flow channel, with a wood or steel gate that can be adjusted to raise or lower the water level.
He commenced by running through the sluiceway and over the dam, as usual, standing up in his tossing canoe, and was soon out of sight behind a point in a wild gorge.
Some fish that do travel down the intake pipe are diverted into a sluiceway that returns them to the ocean.
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb approved a proposal Sunday to erect an EGP 850m, 15 kilometre traffic route above the El Zomor sluiceway in Giza Governorate, according to a statement posted on the cabinet's website.
The results of these studies, which concluded that lower spill levels achieved the same survival rates as high spill levels, even though more fish passed through the dam's turbines and sluiceway, call into question the underlying assumption in the 2000 BIOP that maximum spill levels will achieve the expected survival benefits.