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conduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate

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Such companies could then afford to invest capital in making the river more usable for their purposes: removing obstacles, building dams and sluiceways, and so on.
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb approved a proposal Sunday to erect an EGP 850m, 15 kilometre traffic route above the El Zomor sluiceway in Giza Governorate, according to a statement posted on the cabinet's website.
The results of these studies, which concluded that lower spill levels achieved the same survival rates as high spill levels, even though more fish passed through the dam's turbines and sluiceway, call into question the underlying assumption in the 2000 BIOP that maximum spill levels will achieve the expected survival benefits.
in more fish passing through the sluiceway bypass and through the
The work generally includes repairing the concrete crest of the existing diversion, constructing a rock ramp at the downstream face of the diversion, constructing a grouted rock fishway/boater passage channel, constructing a sediment sluiceway, demolition of portion of the existing diversion structure, construction of a new headgate structure, and installation of five (5) pre-fabricated slide gates (four (4) 6-foot by 6-foot each headgates and one (1) 4-foot by 4-foot sediment sluiceway gate).
We added three bridges over the sluiceway at the northern limit of Corps property," he said.
An old sluiceway leading to the abandoned paper mill has been drained, mitigating contact between the river and the contamination.
Tenders are invited for California Sluiceway Radial Gate Refurbishment
We have ordered a survey to find out how the road relates to a neighbor," he said, adding that the Oxford Historical Society has shown some interest in the area of the culvert, which includes a sluiceway from a former mill on Slater's Pond.
The scope of work involves development of a sluiceway with wight17m wide radial gates, a hydroelectric plant with four 8MW turbine generators, a double-chamber ship, and an 11m tall embankment dam.
To make what seems to be a necessary project more affordable, Department of Public Works Director John McGarry and the Pond and Lakes Commission are considering a phased-in project with the most crucial piece first - repairing the sluiceway.
The massive undertaking, expected to reach completion in 2017, includes a sluiceway with eight 17 meter wide radial gates, a hydroelectric plant with four 8 MW turbine generators, a double-chamber ship, and an 11 meter tall embankment dam.
OXFORD - When one local man started digging in his front yard, he uncovered buried treasure in the form of a 19th-century mill foundation and sluiceway.
The new barrage will be built 400 metres downstream of an existing barrage and includes a sluiceway with eight 17- meter-wide radial gates, a hydropower plant with four 8 MW turbine-generators, a double-chamber ship lock of 120- by 17-meter chamber size, a road bridge, an 11-meter-tall embankment dam, and rehabilitation or replacement of the Ibrahimia canal head regulator.
The former woolen mill was once powered by water, and water from the pond flows directly through the building via a sluiceway.