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Synonyms for slugabed

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

Synonyms for slugabed

a person who stays in bed until a relatively late hour

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One particular slugabed can generally be found idling on the sofa at my wife's gran's sheltered bungalow, ticking off the losers on his racecard, cadging his fags and three meals a day and staying one step ahead of the JobCentre.
As a female slugabed, Corinna not only disobeys religiopolitical imperatives to celebrate traditional holidays, but also demonstrates her reluctance to conform to society's mandates.
Slugabed in the romper room, tethered to an all-news War Porn channel, flatlined by the adman/music-video consumer grid, home-shopping for friendship in the beer commercials, reading a Heavy Metal comic "sampling" on the CD carousel a customized sequence of Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore and Tom Petty's Jamming Me, even crouched in front of our very own software, as if it were a harpsichord, on-line and down-linked to all the other ghosts in the machine, jacked in instead of jacking off--we imagine, through the looking glass, inside where the information is, a weightless fourth dimension, some sort of Surf's Up, maybe a raft for Huck and Jim.
And the daughter you thought was becoming a slugabed actually gets up as early as always but now spends an hour each morning at the reading you've recommended, and then another hour at the mirror.
com (it's designed for the hard of hearing but equally useful for slugabeds, apparently)