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Synonyms for slowdown

Synonyms for slowdown

the act of slowing down or falling behind

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The slowdown in energy-related freight has dragged total railroad traffic down by more than 1 per cent compared with 2014.
The slowdown in deposit growth, it says, reflects global economic uncertainty and the subdued growth in key diaspora markets, especially in commodity-exporting countries, rather than a decline in the diaspora's confidence in Lebanon from deteriorating economic and political conditions in the country.
Minutes show that the ECB is concerned about the nation's economic slowdown, even if the impact appears to be fairly limited for now.
Is the EM slowdown therefore jeopardising the global recovery?
The slowdown in deliveries is related to the credit crunch and with the airline business today we do have a little bit of a slowdown on the different aspects of the business.
Forrester research analyst John McCarthy said: "This is not an across-the-board spending slowdown the impact of the economy on IT budgets varies widely by industry and geography.
Negotiations three years ago prompted film and television companies to push a lot of work to the first half of the year, which led to a slowdown, described as a de facto strike, in the latter half of the year.
Because liquids can't transmit shear waves, scientists previously speculated that partial melting of minerals in the zones was responsible for the seismic-wave slowdown, he notes.
As more and more physicians approaching retirement age seek to reduce their workloads rather than leave their practice entirely, the manner in which medical groups deal with senior physician slowdown is widely variable.
The slowdown in consumer spending has been well documented,' chairman Michael Lever told the company's AGM.
Stock markets are overreacting to the worldwide economic slowdown and should be more concerned about mounting financial risks in Asia, according to an analysis released by The Conference Board.
In 2006, the rate of growth of total consumption in Asia/Pacific, EU and other Europe is forecast to rebound, while a slowdown is expected in North America, Latin America and Africa.
The productivity slowdown of the 1970s has been an object of study by economists for decades.