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Synonyms for slow-wittedness

the quality of being mentally slow and limited

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The nansensu gag points up Kihachi's slow-wittedness and becomes part of a hand motif winding through the movie.
With Hugh Vanstone's lighting closing down ominously (and elegantly) around him, the timorous Aston begins to relate the awful reasons for an apparent slow-wittedness that nonetheless contains its own simmering capacity for violence.
Tired old men worried that patience would be interpreted as slow-wittedness.
Raised by his grandparents after his dad killed his mother, Max (Elden Henson) is a 13-year-old gentle giant, fearful he'll turn into his father and whose large frame and slow-wittedness inevitably make him the butt of school cruelty.
They then suffer classic symptoms like memory loss, confusion, slow-wittedness, easy distraction and a lack of focus - even though they have not had a smoke for weeks.