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Synonyms for slow-witted

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

Synonyms for slow-witted

retarded in intellectual development

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One of the confessed killers, Kenan, a taciturn man with a thin face and beard that make him look like a Byzantine Christ, has promised to show the investigators where he and his slow-witted brother, Ramazan, have buried the corpse.
Her overbearing parents do not believe Matt could really find their obsessive, slow-witted daughter loveable, but Louella knows otherwise.
MOVING on, and Colin Ibbertson - Moriarty to my slow-witted Watson - was in touch to say: "Hi Mick.
Although you were present in your grey flannel shorts or pleated skirt - and I favoured the shorts being a conventional young chap - with your ankle socks untwisted and your face polished to the shine on a priest's funeral shoes, the conversation was conducted over your head, as though you were a slow-witted spaniel, utterly unable to determine your future.
Never before has any major trainer been so determinedly open with the public, and in our champion jumps trainer we have a man who 'gets' the importance of keeping the public in the loop that makes so many of his Flat counterparts, plus many owners and jockeys, look either slow-witted or plain bloody-minded.
The scientific revolution that has recently transformed dinosaurs from lumbering, slow-witted reptiles to agile creatures has influenced depictions in print and art, as well as those in movies such as Jurassic Park and television series such as BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs.
But Brian Baumgartner, who plays slow-witted accountant Kevin Malone on the hit TV sitcom The office, has his lemonade recipe down cold.
The latest accolade for the hit cartoon, about a lazy, slow-witted family man named Homer Simpson, came during a three and a half hour presentation of the 60th annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards, mostly honouring achievements in categories such as makeup, costumes, sound editing and art direction.
Slow-witted Tito (Johnny Sanchez) is the saintly idiot.
But its slow-witted driving manners do little to justify the price (26,225 [pounds sterling] for Sport trim), though it does include climate, cruise and stability controls, alloy wheels, air-bags and power windows.
Although Azeris have many luminaries among Iran's commercial elite, Iran's majority Persians often depict them as slow-witted in their jokes.
The phlegmatic person is usually overweight, and slow moving and slow-witted.
In the story, a crafty slave, Pseudolus, tries to win the hand of a beautiful but slow-witted courtesan, Philia, for his young master, Hero, in exchange for freedom.
Dennis Weaver, the New Mexico deputy solving New York crime in TV show Mc-Cloud and the slow-witted deputy Chester Goode in the TV classic western Gunsmoke has died.
The novel also deals with Jesus' somewhat slow-witted recognition of his miraculous powers.