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Synonyms for slow-paced

proceeding at a rate less than usual or desired

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However, don't let slow-paced runs be so slow that you lose good mechanics.
Now, a second CERN group, known by the acronym ATRAP, has independently made slow-paced antihydrogen atoms.
The Madison wants to convert the slow-paced Uruguayan delta into a pulse point for horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, golf, tennis--and, yes, Asian massage.
city and state governments) accounts, a solid management strategy, and the slow-paced approach to deregulation in Florida.
This slow-paced edentate roamed the steppes of Patagonia during the last ice age.
including a visit to Prince Edward Island, a slow-paced picture
The Clippers led 41-40 at halftime after a relatively slow-paced first half.
Its unique approach to wafer-level test and packaging promises to elevate this traditionally slow-paced and expensive segment of chipmaking to the level of cost reduction and technology progress associated with "front-end" chipmaking, whose progress tracks Moore's Law.
Given all the stereotypes that writer-director Tom Rice mines here, you'd do well to skip the slow-paced film and simply get a head start on the family bonding.