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At my right was a great, slow-moving eddy that circled far beneath the cliff's overhanging side, and to rest my tired muscles before turning back I let my boat drift into its embrace.
The drivers of each and every one of the slow-moving market-carts we met were stretched in the sun upon their merchandise, sound a sleep.
To him man was a clumsy, slow-moving, defenseless creature--he had little respect for him.
Slow-moving races are learning the value of time, which is the first lesson in telephony.
Bradley passed the order down into the ship and a moment later the gun-crew clambered up the narrow ladder and at my direction trained their piece upon the slow-moving Swede.
Jeremiah Cobb's slow-moving mind that the bird perched by his side was a bird of very different feather from those to which he was accustomed in his daily drives.
Even when he was being lionised in London he had held before him his dream of peace and quiet--the long, white, dusty Indian road, printed all over with bare feet, the incessant, slow-moving traffic, and the sharp-smelling wood smoke curling up under the fig-trees in the twilight, where the wayfarers sit at their evening meal.
Jeanne was a large, slow-moving Norman girl, stolidly handsome.
Here a broad, beaten path stretched along beside the banks, on which path labored the horses that tugged at the slow-moving barges, laden with barley meal or what not, from the countryside to the many-towered town.
Summary: Slow-moving traffic was observed on Sheikh Zayed Road's E11 towards Dubai
Contract notice:Provision of fuels for slow-moving vehicles of the public establishment Plaine Commune.
We fill that area with slow-moving items at highly discounted prices.
According to data, 463 motorcycles, 97 rickshaws, 67 cars, 27 vans, eight buses, 29 trucks and 93 other vehicles besides slow-moving carts were involved in the accidents.
A spokesman said: "Scattered heavy, thundery showers are expected to develop yet again on Wednesday, and will lead to slow-moving downpours across the warning area.
According to data, 538 motorcycles, 86 rickshaws, 65 cars, 37 vans, seven buses, 25 trucks and 90 other vehicles besides slow-moving carts were involved in the accidents.