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Synonyms for slow-going

proceeding at a rate less than usual or desired

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Bringing more women onto boards and into the higher ranks of law firms in the United States is still a slow-going project; studies over the past year have found that making gender diversity at top levels is still not a priority for many.
Nearly 1,000 survivors who had made it to higher ground before walls of mud and rock covered their homes in at least three villages, were located on Wednesday, but heavy rains had made airlifting them out slow-going and dangerous, with helicopters only making a few dozen trips on Wednesday.
At times this makes the volume somewhat slow-going, but her careful methods, if rarely dramatic, are ultimately persuasive.
It would still be incredibly slow-going, making the highway one lane in each direction on a heavily traveled route.
This recovery, in the UK and internationally, is likely to be slow-going.
There are a few good laughs and some excellent performances but it's slow-going in between.
According to the author this antiquated thought process is responsible for our slow-going and ineffectual response to environmental warning signs.
It's on rather late, but it's worth tuning in to this amusing, if rather slow-going, film in which Ben Kingsley is a psychiatrist giving student Josh Peck therapy in exchange for cannabis.
Search teams and survivors in storm-devastated southern Taiwan are bracing themselves for more heavy rain which could further disrupt already slow-going rescue efforts.
It's well-made with a fine cast but it's slow-going and messy.
Rains, which had made rescue efforts slow-going, halted on Thursday, allowing helicopters to go deeper into the affect region to get a better assessment of the threat, our correspondent said.
Rourke's performance is good in a funny and moving, if slow-going, film.
It's slow-going and laboured, watching a film with no redeeming characters.
Also starring Matthew Macfaden, the acting is good but it's too slow-going and repetitive to really hold our interest.
A decent effort, but it's too slow-going and repetitive to really hold our interest.