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Synonyms for slow-footed

proceeding at a rate less than usual or desired

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Modi's media-savvy, modern campaign ran circles round his slow-footed rival, Rahul Gandhi, 43, from the Congress party.
While Orchard surprised the field by coming out of the gates hard, Cebu Country Club and Alabang, 1-2 last year in Cebu, were surprisingly slow-footed.
If bishops were slow-footed in their march to abolition, many in their flocks were not stirring at all.
The Kid might make a good holiday gift for a devoted Red Sox fan, but for the rest of us it's only a double, or perhaps a single if the slow-footed Williams were running.
I don't get many triples," said the slow-footed Sandoval, known as Kung Fu Panda.
Sir, Last week, you edited out a key point in our letter responding to 'The Carbon Trust: is it too slow-footed to save the planet?
Khater also described himself as having been slow-footed at joining protests in October, but participated later after seeing the fruit of student movement efforts, first-hand, and putting much faith in them.
Released from slow-footed naturalism that might otherwise dog religious debates, Brenton can accelerate the arguments by having a character cut to the chase with the cheeky announcement five hours later .
UAE blogger Mesha'al Al Gergawi said in an interview that the government ranking may have dropped due to slow-footed responses to issues surrounding Nakheel and Dubai World.
Instead, individual property buyers who have wondered whether they should keep paying their developers according to their contracts will likely see larger refunds for slow-footed projects that never got off the ground, suggested legal and property experts at a seminar Thursday hosted by Lovells law firm in Dubai.
Mr Patel, who has battled tirelessly to make the village's only cornershop a success, has been somewhat slow-footed in supporting my campaign.
But so far as Walter Smith is concerned his priority is the team, that collection of desperately mediocre men, many of whom are slow-footed and, purely in a football context very possibly brain dead.
But he's also slow-footed and apparently fights with his face, which is a dangerous game to play with Danny, who can hit.
The Thais' early goal illustrated the ability to make Everton look a little slow-footed in defence.