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a movie that apparently takes place at a slower than normal speed

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Slow Motion Miracles is produced by Michael Leonhart, best known for his work with Steely Dan and its co-founder Michael Fagen.
It was the sort of "average vehicle" he had wanted when he first created a slow motion car crash between two vehicles back home in the United States.
You can trigger slow motion (called "Tequila Time") for a few seconds for firing or stunt moves, making it easier to shoot the bad guys and add style points.
Practicing the form in slow motion allows a deeper level of knowing.
She wears it to give him the kiss of life and run in front of him in slow motion.
When the worst happens and the bomb explodes, killing both the bomb disposal officer and the necklace victim, we witness, in slow motion, the spectacular impact as the front windows of the house shatter and blow out.
3) Some of the most memorable sequences in this film feature slow motion accompanied with haunting music: images of door frames revealing glimpses of Mahjong and the backsides of cheating spouses; brief, physical brushes that only take on importance in retrospect; the slowed down matches on action of a swaying light bulb at a noodle stand as Maggie Cheung awaits pensively her habitual nocturnal indulgence; the haunting billows of Tony Leung's cigarette smoke wafting against the glare of a fluorescent light that is both harsh and beautiful.
is the companion to Elliott's award-winning book of the same name, and features canine subjects photographed in slow motion, performing various gates as well as tasks for which they have been bred.
In a break with tradition Life In Slow Motion is the first of David's albums to be recorded in a 'full scale' studio environment as opposed to the 'bedroom'-sized facilities favoured in the past.
Gross laughs, "You don't need slow motion because the entire sport of curling is pretty much in slow motion.
Displaying the mucosal wave in slow motion, using either rigid or flexible laryngeal endoscopes, increases the amount of available diagnostic information needed to make the right decision.
But from mogul to mogul, I found myself floating as if I were skiing in slow motion.
The company has developed a dense phase scale that is said to combine the advantages of pneumatic scales with those of slow motion conveying, while maintaining the accuracy required for quality assurance.
The camera stares at this wall, turns around, descends the stairs to the basement, and moves through the heating, sanitation, and parking spaces--the labyrinthine entrails common to every building--then stairs again, and narrow, barely lit halls; suddenly there open before the camera empty, completely white spaces shown in slow motion, so that the visitors move as if in a state of suspension.
Slow motion is part and parcel of coverage of football, and most other sports come to that.