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Synonyms for slovenly

Synonyms for slovenly

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

indifferent to correctness, accuracy, or neatness

Synonyms for slovenly

negligent of neatness especially in dress and person


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Rapidly she approached the slovenly barmaid who stared half in envy, half in hate, at her more fortunate sister.
Du-seen dropped far below par in my estimation as I saw the slovenly formation of his troop as it passed through an enemy country and entered the domain of the chief against whom he had risen in revolt; but Du-seen must have known Jor the chief and known that Jor would not be waiting for him at the pass.
de Thou, and other slovenly executed people, that the headsman might inflict more than one stroke, that is to say, more than one martyrdom, on the poor tulip-fancier.
You are a slovenly lot down here when it comes to boats--most of you are, any way.
Martin glanced at her and verified her statement in her general slovenly appearance, in the unhealthy fat, in the drooping shoulders, the tired face with the sagging lines, and in the heavy fall of her feet, without elasticity - a very caricature of the walk that belongs to a free and happy body.
He was gray; he was ragged and slovenly in his attire; his face was wan and haggard; his eyes were too bright.
This business dispatched, a few slovenly lessons were performed, and Squeers retired to his fireside, leaving Nicholas to take care of the boys in the school-room, which was very cold, and where a meal of bread and cheese was served out shortly after dark.
Sir John Suckling, a handsome and capricious representative of all the extravagances of the Court set, with whom he was enormously popular, tossed off with affected carelessness a mass of slovenly lyrics of which a few audaciously impudent ones are worthy to survive.
You must have been letting her get into slovenly habits, then, while I was away.
When driven with his mates to the new owners' camp, Buck saw a slipshod and slovenly affair, tent half stretched, dishes unwashed, everything in disorder; also, he saw a woman.
It took them half the night to pitch a slovenly camp, and half the morning to break that camp and get the sled loaded in fashion so slovenly that for the rest of the day they were occupied in stopping and rearranging the load.
Billy pointed with eloquent disgust to a break in the fence, slovenly repaired, and on to the standing grain much-trampled by cattle.
I am a slovenly old man, and a good deal of my meat and drink gets splashed about on my clothes.
When placed alongside the uniforms of other Huddersfield schools it looks more slovenly than ever.
Recent scandals demonstrate how the police have often made a slovenly job of investigating sexual crime.
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