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Synonyms for sloughy

(of soil) soft and watery

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Needless to say the patient was very pleased with the result, as are many others who can often become increasingly debilitated, mentally and physically, due to the pain, distress and discomfort of living with a sloughy, malodorous wound.
The author points out that in muddy conditions additional engineers are always needed, and they must keep adding construction materials (such as bricks or logs) nonstop to the sloughy surface to assure mobility.
Facilitate debridement of necrotic / sloughy tissue if present
Mrs Jones said, "Once I realised just how effective maggots are in treating infected, sloughy and necrotic wounds, often saving limbs from amputation, I was determined to spread the word.
Produces sloughy, stinky tissue that is worse than what your breath is already like.