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discard as undesirable

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separate from surrounding living tissue, as in an abortion

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Attack hard skin by soaking your feet in warm, soapy water, then rigorously exfoliating with a specialist foot exfoliator to slough off those flaky dead skin cells.
Roots are killed on contact, decay naturally and slough off.
It will slough off dead skin cells, and boost circulation, giving skin a smoother appearance.
Aluminium oxide crystals in No7's Total Renewal Micro-Dermabrasion Exfoliator slough off dead cells, bringing fresher and plumper skin to the surface.
Its particles certainly slough off the layers and leave skin smooth but it has a slightly musty scent.
2]O) in the mold before solidification and, like a balloon with a trailing string, the bubbles continuously slough off oxide strings and films as they move through the mold cavity (Fig.
Look for treatment products with AHA to slough off rough skin (try Benefit Sandal Scandal, $34, benefitcosmetics.
In this vacuum, children are left to make up their own values, to slough off all intellectual discomfort and notions of failure and, while sentimentalising self-esteem, find their way with neither moral nor intellectual maps.
Council chiefs are supposed to be responsible but can slough off direct responsibility to outsiders also without direct responsibility.
Or why not get pampered by indulging in a facial or exfoliation treatment to slough off those dead skin cells and leave you looking radiant If you feel an exfoliation treatment just isn't enough to give you the look you really want, then there are many cosmetic consultants where you can get professional advice on the many cosmetic surgery procedures available.
And for when you need to slough off the dead skin cells to leave skin invigorated, try the new Face Scrub Exfoliating Gel (pounds 4.
As providers move to protect their margins--and their access to capital--they're tempted to slough off non-economical business to safety net providers.
The mucus layer is composed largely of polysaccharides that slough off periodically.
And those loose bristles that slough off into the freshly applied paint are aggravating.
I'd like each of you to slough off old-fashioned customs of Kasumigaseki, which have drawn much criticism from the public, and energize the administration,'' the premier said in a Tokyo ceremony to mark the start of the recruits' training programs.