slough of despond

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(formal) extreme depression

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In 1890, for instance, the Cardiff Argus declared: "No place more closely resembled Bunyan's Slough of Despond than Cadoxton and Barry.
Judging by the considerable attention given to these books in media patronized by the chattering classes, it seems that jeremiads have a certain appeal amidst our current slough of despond.
Although influential work by Tom Garvin, Clair Wills and others in recent years has given us reason to reassess the old view that the 1940s and 1950s in Ireland were a slough of despond, it was certainly the case that the Irish public sphere in those years was characterized by a deference to authority that many felt as stifling.
Three weeks ago, I said the Olympics couldn't come soon enough as the economy was in the very slough of despond.
Matlock confides that he began his book in the slough of despond, but now "a new day is dawning" buoying him with "encouragement and hope.
It's not a laughing matter, of course, it's a shame to see Newcastle United slump further into the slough of despond.
His new TV console just couldn't console Or slough off a slough of despond.
RB says: Maybe, but I'm sure they'd rather be there than in the slough of despond that was Sam Allardyce's reign in charge.
It is not just an account of the notorious failure to reform that has led the once-feared Soviet army into a slough of despond, it is also a laser-like focus on the failures of the presidential leadership by Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, and a basically positive account of Vladimir Putin's military policies.
Croquet is a predominantly still-ball game; in other words, you have time to think as you approach the ball, time to get nervous about a crucial shot, time to get into a slough of despond as your opponent pulls relentlessly ahead.
Of course, the sacrifices will be in the form of our children, their teachers and the administrators who are stuck in the educational slough of despond.
Of special interest to this reader, for whom membership in Kappa Alpha Psi was a source of meeting and making friends for life, was Andre McKenzie's chapter on the origins and evolution of "the Divine Nine," the nine black fraternities and sororities that "were to be the means of leading the Negro youth out of the slough of despond and raising him to a plane of intellectual and moral security.
The opening hole is the Slough of Despond -- a feeling all golfers will em pathise with having stood over a missed two foot putt or a duffed chip shot.
Anyone who has had the misfortune to drive through Orange County as frequently as I have will agree that it is mainly, if not entirely a Slough of Despond, in which the discrepancy between great wealth and architectural distinction is as extreme as anywhere in the United States.
It has been a difficult week, with the nadir reached with the slough of despond that followed the death of Persian Punch.