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lacking stiffness in form or posture

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Slouchy trousers - AUTUMN 's must-have trousers are loose, slightly narrow at the ankles and sit high on the waist.
The collection featured denim tank-tops, slouchy trousers and thigh-high split skirts and dresses in 90s inspired looks.
The new campaign images shows the 37-year-old footie star modelling his H and M line in slouchy jogging bottoms which comes for 19.
Slouchy boyfriend jeans, sweeping chiffon maxi skirts and fluffy textured knits soften the baroque styling.
I think it's sexy when chicks wear black slouchy trousers -- fitted, but slouchy," Stewart said.
Think cotton slouchy tees, silky trackpants and bling trainers.
Her slouchy turns on the red carpet are the stuff of legend, behaving like an adolescent who has been ordered to wear a puffball bridesmaid dress to her auntie's wedding - and don't get me started on the nasty nail varnish and greasy locks.
Not only have the Bollywood babes woken up two seasons too late to the trend, they also seem to be forgetting the style norms of slouchy dressing while slipping into the loose- fit- one- piece garment.
When you're flashing acres of flesh the trick is to keep your hotpants/shorts in pared-down fabrics or colours, and balance out all that bold body-baring by wearing a slouchy tee or long-sleeve top.
The Amanda has the modern look of a slouchy hobo bag and features a comfortable cotton webbing shoulder strap, dual side zip insulated pockets to keep bottles hot or cold, and many compartments to ensure that items such as diapers, wipes, cell phones, and keys stay organized and accessible.
Atomised (all works 2005), comprised a sixteen-foot-tall column of neatly folded white sweatshirts surrounded by slouchy white hoodie-and-Levi's males sitting around the room's perimeter.
Ems slouchy way and disaffected scowl are set to become our modern equivalent of Elvis's hip tic.
Meanwhile, slouchy, insecure Brigitte starts feeling complex emotions.
The new metrostyle[TM] online-only leggings collection was launched on October 16 and reflects the recent love affair fashion editors are having with the 80's trends of skinny leggings, opaque tights and skinny jeans, taking it into the future with modern metallic ballet flats, slouchy leather boots, glittery striped tops, and a play on volume with blouson tunics turning up skinny leggings.