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We were noticing this, and saying how that the mist rose with a change of wind from a certain quarter of our marshes, when we came upon a man, slouching under the lee of the turnpike house.
A slouching, moody, drunken sloven, wasted by intemperance and vice, and with his matted hair and unshorn beard in wild disorder; but, with some traces on him, too, of having been a man of good proportion and good features in his youth.
Three slouching, ambling monsters of bears they were, and at sight of them Michael bristled and uttered the lowest of growls; for he knew them, out of his heredity (as a domestic cow knows her first wolf), as immemorial enemies from the wild.
The man remained on the same spot with his eyes fixed upon his retreating figure until it was lost to view, and then drawing his arm about his chest, as if the damp and lack of food struck coldly to him, lingered with slouching steps by the wayside, and begged of those who passed along.
He was always called "Mad Joe," and seemed to have no other name; he was a dark, strong, slouching lad, with a heavy white face, dark straight hair, and a mouth always open.
Durdles with his dinner-bundle in his hand, is indeed beheld slouching towards them.
I asked next after Miss Halcombe, but I was answered in a I slouching, sulky way, which left me no wiser than I was before.
Wardle set manfully forward on the walk, first tying their shawls round their necks, and slouching down their hats to escape as much as possible from the deluge of rain, which after a slight cessation had again begun to pour heavily down.
Exercises to strengthen your core and buttock muscles will help correct a slouching posture and avoid long-term trouble.
It''s lightweight, weather-proof, supports bodyweights of up to 21 stone and is designed to help improve your posture and reduce back pain by encouraging you to sit in a proper position, rather than slumping and slouching.
The device called the 'Lumoback' is a belt that vibrates every time it senses that you are slouching and pairs with your phone to give you more information about your bad posture, ABC News reported.
Don't slouch, stand straight and hold your head up; it's important that you pay heed to that relentless advice of your mother, not just because slouching makes you look shorter and fatter but for the major health issues it can land you with.
But apart from indicating your attitude to the situation and your willingness to take part, does sitting up straight and not slouching actually influence how much you learn?
HOURS spent slouching at computer desks is damaging our backs, experts have found.