sloth bear

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common coarse-haired long-snouted bear of south-central Asia

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The first report reached the para which refers to sloth bear sanctuary and which is in danger of extinction if mining activities are carried near about that.
The sloth bear is listed as "vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List, with poaching and habitat loss cited as the main threats to the species.
I have supervised the anaesthetic of a sloth bear, horse, seal and tiger.
The other vulnerable species on the Red List are China's Giant Panda, the Asiatic black bear, the sloth bear on the Indian subcontinent, the Andean bear in South America and the polar bear.
In addition to the familiar black, brown/grizzly, and polar bears in North America and Europe, he found the spectacled bear in the South American Andes and the sun bear, giant panda, sloth bear, and Asiatic black bear in Asia.
As usual the exhibition includes a section graphically illustrating man's inhumanity to the animal kingdom: live green iguanas, their feet bound are sold on a busy pavement as meat for curry and a sloth bear, its coat tattered, a look of abject futility in its eyes, sits out its days on the concrete floor of a Sri Lankan zoo.
Any bear can wear glasses," it begins - showing a sloth bear, sun bear, polar bear and Asian black bear in cool shades - "but there's only one spectacled bear.
Fortunately the lead shooting has finished and it now provides protection to the one-horned rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, sloth bear and the gaur (wild bison) and over 400 species of birds.
Tenders are invited for Renovation Of Work Enclosures And Security Office Sloth Bear And Himalayan Bear Enclosure In Beat No 4 White Buck Enclosure And Providing Keeper House In Beat No 14 At Nzp New Delhi
In the last six years, approximately 50 different animals, including gaur, sloth bear, sambar, chital, muntjac, wild pig, langur, and eight leopards, have come under the wheels of speeding vehicles passing through the Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve and the adjoining reserve forests of Uttara Kannada and Belagavi districts.
Madhya Pradesh is famous for its promise of the Striped One, but that's not all that the jungle sanctuaries and national parks of Madhya Pradesh offer you--there are sambar, chital, chowsingha, nilgai and chinkara, sloth bear, jackal, hyena, langur, and more than 240 species of avifauna, including ibises, ducks, cormorants, darters, egrets, wagtails, storks, vultures, fishing eagles, and shrikes.
Heaters have also been installed in the enclosures of animals like lions, tiger, leopards and sloth bear.