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Synonyms for sloping

Synonyms for sloping

having an oblique or slanted direction

having a slanting form or direction

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A green eco-friendly state-of-the-art surface car parking facility, using natural materials, was recently designed and constructed on two terraces located on sloping ground, at Bansara Gali, Murree.
Steep, sloping yards can be hazardous if they're not planned and maintained correctly.
Its calm timber-lined interior is made dramatic by a light chute over the stage which takes north luminance and pours it down, partly reflected from the sloping end wall.
Potential application of this research includes the downward sloping of computer keyboards, which could possibly be beneficial in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders affecting the wrist.
When tilling on sloping land in opposing directions, the net annual downslope movement of soil can be characterized by a single value for the diffusion coefficient (k).
Oceanside Golf Course's par-4 12th hole is just 303 yards but challenges golfers with severe uphill and difficult sloping green.