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persuasion by means of empty slogans

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Amid sloganeering and cheering,students and contenders from different parties shed all differences and spent quality time with one another.
And at least for Anastasiades, having on his record the courageous effort he made in 2004 to stop the slide towards partition, it is a pity he should resort to idiotic sloganeering.
The Defense Department is facing budget shortfalls (as National Defense Magazine has been reporting) that won't be solved with small changes and sloganeering.
Governing is complicated that way, which is why we rue bumper-sticker sloganeering.
He went on to urge protesters to stop sloganeering and enter into dialogue.
CAIRO: Egypt's ruling military on Saturday imposed jail terms for bribery and religious sloganeering in an upcoming parliamentary poll, and allowed parties to contest all parliament's seats after a boycott threat.
We arrested three people from the rally for objectionable sloganeering,'' said Jagadish Pokharel, police chief of the area.
The Northern Irish punks didn't actually offer me any guidance on grammatical style or the written word, their fiery sloganeering was not exactly what my tutors were after.
Meanwhile, Director of the Arab World Department at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Jassem Al-Mubaraki asserted that Tunisian-Kuwaiti relationships are marked by "realism" according to a sustained Kuwaiti approach based on determination upon making achievements and shunning off sloganeering.
The Not Squares clearly owe a debt to Aphex Twin for inspiring their sound, which combines minimalist electro with shouty sloganeering.
As the procession reached Lal Chowk, massive sloganeering by cheering mobs greeted it.
Bushra's statements earned an aggressive response from the ANP members, thus setting the platform for a full-scale sloganeering.
Here you see reminders not only that early Soviet Russia teemed with artistic talent but also that genuine energy bubbled behind the earliest political sloganeering in home-grown communism.
Labour's parliamentary candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan, Alana Davies, said: "No amount of sloganeering about being the so-called Party of Wales can hide the fact that Plaid is divided on the single biggest investment ever to come to Wales.
Two major figures in the regime have both loudly condemned foreign policy by sloganeering, in an obvious attack on President Ahmadi-nejad's goverance.