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someone who coins and uses slogans to promote a cause

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coin new slogans

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The result is government of the sloganeers, by the sloganeers, and for the sloganeers.
If the sloganeers of the left put one quarter of the energy they waste on temper tantrums, misplaced blame, and deep denial into something constructive, they might actually accomplish something.
It is not the time to listen to the ideologues and sloganeers as they put their status quo ideas and worship of inaction on the table once again.
In Selling the Dream (Praeger), Hood defends the art of advertising from the self-hating sloganeers, telemarketers, and admen who help create it.
The sloganeers of tsunami have completely failed to deliver and address problems of masses in Khyber Pakthunkhwa.