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Synonyms for slobber



Synonyms for slobber

to let saliva run from the mouth

saliva running from the mouth

Synonyms for slobber

saliva spilling from the mouth

let saliva drivel from the mouth

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Substitute monsters appear, but they just won't do; Herbert's teeth aren't sharp enough, and Mack's slobbering certainly isn't scary--it makes one giggle.
A SLOBBERING sex attacker with a distinctive tattoo of a green frog on his wrist is still being hunted by police, four months after he assaulted a 13-year-old Wirral girl.
Back then it would involve slobbering all over the badge one minute and then telling your nearest and dearest to stick it the next.
Slobbering and slavvering, can't wait to get back home,
Your chance to see DJ David "Diddy" Hamilton being given the run around by a pooch - a slobbering Gordon setter called Max.
Sure, tomorrow's esoteric technologies (rolled, sheet-like nanotubes and organic liquid emitting diode displays) have sci-fi chic geeks slobbering all over their Star Trek uniforms, but here on planet Earth changes are coming that will turn one of two display technologies into a clear leader.
For example, a slobbering, big-headed Saint Bernard would never be mistaken for a prancing, curly-haired Poodle.
And Otis, the Avery family dog, tends to stick it on his own face and morph into a demented slobbering Jack Russell terrorist hell bent on terrorizing baby Alvey.
Peter Pan premiered a few years after the death of Queen Victoria, but the society which so rapturously received the play was still largely distinguished by that unnatural combination of tight-lipped circumspection and slobbering sentimentality which we recognize as Victorianism at its unexamined worst.
The culprit is a beautiful woman named Emily Thorndyke, who can match him neurosis for neurosis, and whose own slobbering mutt is providentially named Ferdinand.
It is a music 'zine heavily slanted toward slobbering fandom, but is also laden with perceptive CD, book, and DVD reviews.
Not to spoil any secrets, but Way pretty much makes everyone else look like slobbering, pants-crapping infants.
But surely even the Democrat-Gazette won't match the slobbering of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which in 2002 assigned four reporters to a front-page story on the opening of a Krispy Kreme store.
Nobody wants to watch Fat Barry slobbering over Janine, the dumpy ex-prostitute.