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Synonyms for slobber



Synonyms for slobber

to let saliva run from the mouth

saliva running from the mouth

Synonyms for slobber

saliva spilling from the mouth

let saliva drivel from the mouth

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It is a music 'zine heavily slanted toward slobbering fandom, but is also laden with perceptive CD, book, and DVD reviews.
Not to spoil any secrets, but Way pretty much makes everyone else look like slobbering, pants-crapping infants.
But surely even the Democrat-Gazette won't match the slobbering of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which in 2002 assigned four reporters to a front-page story on the opening of a Krispy Kreme store.
Most conservative critics also have failed to note a trait common throughout the radical peacenik movement: a slobbering affection for the UN that matches their loathing of America.
If the grand prize at the end of your Senatorial campaign, election, and swearing-in is a big hug and slobbering kiss from that old states'-rights coot, you might reconsider and just run for the real power position, head of your local elections commission.
He said: "Almost every scene I am in involves dogs, most of them slobbering all over me.
They are providing a valuable role model for male-male friendships at a time when most "real men" wouldn't think of touching one another (unless they're slobbering drunk or playing sports) for fear of being thought gay.
In one disturbing movement vignette, two ghostly young women dressed in frilly Victorian nightgowns were menaced by a burly, slobbering, growling mon.
Williams depicts the artiste as a slobbering subhuman scraping a pancake of dead raccoon off the road.
The cop initially hates sharing his home with the slobbering canine, but eventually comes to realise that a dog can be man's best friend, especially when you throw an attractive vet into the picture.
I feel uncomfortable when I see heterosexual couples slobbering over each other.
Hooch licks Hopper and ends up slobbering all over him.
The slobbering St Bernard hound is now fully grown and has fallen in love with a beautiful bitch named Missy.
AS SOON as P Dickens complained about having to travel on a bus alongside a slobbering dog, it was only going to be a matter of moments before he was attacked by an animal lover.