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Synonyms for slobber



Synonyms for slobber

to let saliva run from the mouth

saliva running from the mouth

Synonyms for slobber

saliva spilling from the mouth

let saliva drivel from the mouth

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SLOBBER The dog which will make a million Tom Hardy fans jealous
Caption: As moose feed, their slobber may weaken the toxic defenses of certain grasses.
99 ASIN: B004JHY3ZS It's a good thing that the 3DS technology doesn't stretch to drool-o-vision, because with these cute little cats and dogs coming out in 3D to get closer to their owner, your stylus could be covered in slobber as you do all you can to bond with your very own fluffy friend.
If I was trapped in a lift with Irvine for longer than five minutes, her head would be covered in slobber when we emerged because I would have spent every single second kissing and licking her chirpy little Scottish skull.
As long as she didn't slobber all over them," I said.
WOULDN'T Albion defender Paul Robinson be happier if he simply bought himself a new sticker album every season so he could satisfy his urges to slobber over badges and ask for transfers at the same time?
It'll be some time before the twins think of those balls as anything more than a new toy to slobber on.
Forget the Community Shield, because the opening slobber of the season came from an unlikely source.
You drivers can get rid of slobber buildup by running the heavy equipment transporter under a full load for 1 to 2 hours.
The cowboys and cowgirls wrestled, roped, and rode steer with all the grit, bravery, violence, and caw slobber you'd expect from such endeavors.