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Synonyms for sliver

Synonyms for sliver

a small thin sharp bit or wood or glass or metal


a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something

divide into slivers or splinters

break up into splinters or slivers

form into slivers

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Furthermore together with 100% digital scanning sensor and the electronic draft, a sophisticated output sliver monitoring and production data system are also included for the benefit of spinning mills.
So far, more than 700 people have been killed and thousands others injured by the Israeli regime's offensive against the coastal sliver despite pressure from the international community.
Both headsets will be available from 24 October, with the Motorola ELITE SLIVER priced at USD129.
It also includes a number of administrative and service unit, in addition to the sites allocated for sliver design and formation.
Precious metals may outperform In the economic turmoil facing countries worldwide and Fresnillo has the benefit of not just a mammoth sliver mining operation, but also gold operations.
2 : a small amount <a sliver of moon> <a sliver of doubt>
A sliver in the eye can cause inflammation and infection that may elude detection efforts.
Religion is but a sliver of human culture--perhaps all the more so in this exceedingly challenging, culturally expansive, "early space age" day and age.
Here, Tokyo-based architectural funsters Klein Dytham prove that they are never ones to shirk a challenge, even when confronted by the prospect of colonising a barely inhabitable sliver of land.
Beware Jason's comments about certain aspects of Catholicism; for instance, his remark that if you buy the belief in transubstantiation, then the communion wafer is "a sliver of Jesus meat.
Currently the property consists of a two-story garage, a five-story walk-up, and an undeveloped irregular sliver of land totaling approximately 131 feet of frontage on Tenth Avenue.
THIS long sliver of pavement has been built in a bid to cut crashes in Aspley.
Milo 55160 is the story of a ghost in the machine, an affirmation of human volition over closed systems of thought, and a sharp sliver of doubt in the sole of the corporate foot.
They may be legally protected in a sliver of woods wedged between farmed forests and fields--but they become targeted pests when they search for sustenance.