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(ophthalmology) a lamp that emits a narrow but intense beam of light that enables an ophthalmologist, using a microscope, to view the retina and optic nerve

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Fluorescein staining was noticed while viewing in cobalt blue filter of slitlamp biomicroscope (Topcon) in mainly three areas i.
There are a number of devices available to measure IOP, but the slitlamp mounted Goldmann applanation tonometer remains the reference standard by which all new tonometers are compared.
0% and examined the posterior segment of the eye using the direct ophthalmoscope or slitlamp biomicroscope (with a handheld condensing lens).
The clinical examination included acuity testing with an Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study chart and standardized refraction testing for those with a visual acuity worse than 20/30, slitlamp and dilated retinal examination by an ophthalmologist, tonometry, lens and fundus photography, and a suprathreshold visual field test.
A small corneal dendritic ulcer and 1+ cell reaction in the anterior chamber were observed on slitlamp examination.
Detailed ocular examination of both eyes were performed including best corrected visual acuity, slitlamp biomicroscopic examination, intra ocular pressure Angle evaluation by gonioscopy using Zeiss goniolens was done.
The diagnosis of SCH was based on inspection and slitlamp examination.
During the key skills assessment the practitioner will demonstrate competency in three key areas: use of slit lamp and applanation totometry; slitlamp binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy; and interpretation of visual fields.
Covered services include an eye examination with dilation, intraocular pressure measurement, and direct ophthalmoscopy or slitlamp biomicroscopic examination for the early detection of glaucoma.
Clear cornea, quiet anterior chamber, aphakia and total aniridia were seen on slitlamp examination of the right eye (Figure 1).