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Synonyms for slithery

so smooth and glassy as to offer insecure hold or footing

Words related to slithery

having a slippery surface or quality

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It's the latest slithery episode for Teesside after a 6ft long boa constrictor was found on Wilton Lane in Wilton Village last month and had to be captured by veterinary nurses.
visitors include furry, scaly and slithery animals; registration not required but event can fill up, early arrival recommended; 541-726-2243 or wheremindsgrow.
Stivichall Primary School pupils swapped desks for the school field where they had to convince the slithery creatures it was raining and a good time to come up out of the earth.
The 16-track album finds itself mired in an intoxicating sound that gets its potency from a mix of rock gods' electric guitars, masterful reworkings of recent hits and electro pop beats so slithery, you'll bite the forbidden apple.
His colleagues, including the slithery Major Henry, think Piquart should lie through his teeth because that is what the Army requires of him.
STRANRAER angler Billy Russell had an exciting tussle in the darkness with this slithery conger eel.
Today, many slithery journalists explain their illegal activities through the freedom of speech.
Join Steve from Tropical Inc and his feathery,Hairy, scaly, slithery andfurry friends for some up-close animal fun.
With a day pass visitors can spend a fun-filled family day at the adventure pool enjoying slithery rides, or gliding along the lazy river as it circuits through cascading waterfalls and cavernous rocks.
COMING face to face with a slithery snake little Sam Coates braved his first ever night at a museum.
His slithery hit man included his declamatory voice sinking to the utter depths in "Quel vecchio maledivami
The slithery stowaway was believed to have crawled onto the plane from scrubland or the mangroves that surround Cairns airport.
Smith played a straight bat while the snake was near but laughed with a mixture of disgust and delight as wife Morgan draped the slithery creature over her exposed shoulders.
Police were tipped off about the slithery visitor when a man walked into Canton Police station yesterday morning and told clerk Rhian Clifford there was a snake in his back garden.
in your favor with Brighton's new - Tess handbag in slithery python - embossed leather.