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Synonyms for slithery

so smooth and glassy as to offer insecure hold or footing

Words related to slithery

having a slippery surface or quality

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What a pity, though, that audience coughs, some unnecessary, others perpetrated by people who should have stayed at home, marred the slithery, almost amphibian opening.
But as a staple of Chinese snack shops and noodle houses, it refers specifically to a slithery broad noodle, usually made of rice flour.
Within minutes of rescuing the slithery specimen Karen, from Rathgar, Dublin, placed it in a box and contacted the DSPCA, who collected it yesterday afternoon.
She said her slithery pet was kept in a glass tank in the dining room but had got out through a gap and made his way across fields to Mrs Wilcock's home.
Free pet handling sessions with these slithery creatures.
He's very slithery and doesn't look like he's going real fast, but he is.
Top speed is a claimed 143mph with the 0 to 60 acceleration time being a slithery 8.
A man who is so A-list that only a fortnight ago he was wheeled on to Richard and Judy to be cured, by Paul McKenna, of his fear of all things slithery (no offence, Richard).
Close encounters with these slithery creatures and free pet handling sessions.
The plot includes standard mistaken identities, long-lost son reunited with parents, long-estranged parents finding each other, evil landlord foreclosing at the drop of a tumbleweed, an ``F Troop'' type of cavalry, an Indian guide who speaks with an Irish brogue, a crusty colonel, a slithery preacher and a foppish son.
The estate is particularly eye-catching with slithery lines creating a space-age look.
It looks plain and rather angular, although there is no disputing that its profile is slithery.
Harrison Ford's intrepid adventurer, while boarding a two-seater plane in the opening sequence of the ``Raiders of the Lost Ark'' accidentally cozies up to a slithery creature and states: ``Snakes.
Many of the top places are filled by slimy, slithery substances which tend to put people off.