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Synonyms for slipstick

analog computer consisting of a handheld instrument used for rapid calculations

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To address increasingly stringent sanitation requirements for food processors, Triple/S Dynamics has developed a new drive unit for its Slipstick conveyor.
he ended, using the slipstick to push the calculator from his desk into the trash can beside it.
We'd carry them in their cases, hooked from our belts, and swagger down the halls feeling like so many space-age d'Artagnans, our trusty slipsticks slapping against our legs; or nonchalantly wave them while engaging in meaningless calculations in front of uncaring jocks as they grunted to even more uncaring cheerleaders.
In the literature, melt fracture is usually classified into three separate types: surface melt fracture (SMF) also called sharkskin, slipstick fracture (SSF), and gross melt fracture (GMF) (1), (2).
Triple/S Dynamics created a Slipstick Conveyor with a patented system for breaking up compacted dry materials--the Slipstick Break-Free Conveyor.