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Synonyms for slippy

causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide


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VVDRAW for Sunday's PS2,500 final (all railers): 1 Merry Miss, 2 Cu Sith Alsh, 3 Slaneyside Twirl, 4 Bombers Bullet, 5 Inky Holdem, 6 Slippy Maggie.
I could hear a few of their players saying it was slippy but I didn't see anyone slipping or making a mistake due to the surface so when Craig called our manager in at half-time we were all surprised.
It's slippy, almost like glass, and looks like a scabby jumper in places.
30pm sessions were called off yesterday after a fault with the freezing system made the ice too wet and too slippy for skaters.
For years, designers have used slippy approaches when the context and interaction needed this method.
Everybody is going on about it being slippy, so something has to be wrong.
It is black at first and then turns a lighter grey and that's where it's slippy.
After the heavy rain last night, I think they have just hit some standing water and with the warm weather we've had, as soon as you get any rain on the road, it can become very slippy.
Underworld - whose hit Born Slippy, from the Trainspotting soundtrack, was noted for its cry of "lager, lager, lager" - will be responsible for all the music in the three-hour ceremony on July 27.
One of Mr Murrall's employee's has already fallen on the slippy ice.
There was no ice at all, and what there was appeared to be a series of floor tiles greased up to make them slippy.
Good on Cardiff for putting on another great Christmas extravaganza, even if it is a bit slippy.
The surface was slippy and greasy and anything could have happened.
Best-known are Moby's Thousand, Underworld's Born Slippy and Fatboy Slim's Weapon Of Choice - but better bets are Oxide & Neutrino's Up Middle Finger and the Musique vs U2 crossover New Year's Dub.
OPEN CHECK Jonathan Kay SLIPPY MAGGIE set tongues wagging with a stunning debut performance in round one and can pass what is a stern enough test in the second semi-final of the Henlow Maiden Gold Cup over 550m at the Bedfordshire track today (5.