slippery dick

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small wrasse of tropical Atlantic

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Jones (2005) concluded that aggressive interaction with a close relative of bicolor damselfish, the Beaugregory (Stegastes leucostictus), affected individual Slippery dick space use and may consequently affect the spatial distribution of its populations.
This combination favored bicolor damselfish in those places with dominant rocky bottoms and high coral cover and favored slippery dick abundance in sites with high amounts of sediments (natural or due to siltation).
I am reliably informed that Wear The Fox Hat, Mary Hinge, Hoof Hearted and Betty Swollocks have all raced on British tracks, while Slippery Dick and Fanny's Delight were decent steeplechasers who actually contested the same race.
Among others, jockeys' agent Chris Broad highlighted the appearance in Ireland of Slippery Dick, who reportedly raced against a filly named Foxy Fanny on more than one occasion.
As well as being one for the reverse forecast, it would have provided grist to the mill of many an amateur commentator in bars from Cork to Downpatrick, with Slippery Dick no doubt ``coming up on the inside of Foxy Fanny with an irresistible challenge''.