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Synonyms for slipperiness

a slippery smoothness

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the quality of being a slippery rascal

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The list of car parks, squares and plazas for manual and mechanical snow removal and prevention of slipperiness (Annex 14 to the ToR)
The technology entails making bottles with a new type of thick food-grade coating -- LiquiGlide -- that has the slipperiness of liquid but the rigidity of a solid.
They are unaffected by most corrosive liquids, vapors and gases, and are ideal for applications that require durability and slipperiness.
The slipperiness of the spiritual path cannot be underestimated," writes Mariana Caplan, whose 1999 book, Halfway up the Mountain: The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment, revealed the way in which we can be deceived, and deceive ourselves, in the name of spiritual enlightenment.
Canada), this work argues that the array of means by which ordinary people make collective claims on others (dubbed "social movements" for the sake of simplicity and in spite of the analytical slipperiness of the term, which has been used for fads and lobbying groups) emerged as a distinctive cluster of campaigns, performances, and displays at the end of the 18th century and, as such, represented a new, distinctive political form.
The EU certainly doesn't need to adopt any rules regarding the slipperiness of banana skins - it sets unmatchable standards in slipperiness itself.
The wet weather also added to the slipperiness of the course.
Oysters, mussels or snails - I don't like the salty taste, the chewyness and slipperiness of oysters and mussels and I can't imagine eating snails, I've seen the trail they leave - think, Brian, The Magic Roundabout.
He added: "Heat can also lead to accidents resulting from the slipperiness of sweaty palms and as a worker moves from a cold to a hot environment, fogging of eye glasses which can obscure vision, presenting a safety hazard.
In different ways the authors struggle diligently with the topic of Roman poverty in full recognition of four factors that have bedeviled it: (1) the slipperiness of the concept of "poverty": (2) the paucity of hard economic data with which to work: (3) the ideological tendencies of ancient elite sources (our main source of reformation): and (4) the ideological tendencies of modern interpreters interested in using the Roman empire as a positive or negative moral foil.
Like other contemporary writers whose work has been influenced by Beckett, Unferth allows the slipperiness of language to take her stories in unexpected directions, so that what we end up with is less often a plot per se than an artful mess of experiences.
It can be embossed to prevent slipperiness in deck profiles.
The rubber also has the added slipperiness of England possibly wanting to lose the game if it means going on to face Ecuador rather than the Germans next time out.
Then they developed a substance called HFS that enhances the slipperiness of the fabric surface.
With 6 inches of water there could be enough force, or slipperiness, to knock you off your feet," said Swiftwater Capt.