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a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping

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decline from a standard level of performance or achievement

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failing to hold or slipping out of place

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Though there was increased market volatility during the third quarter of 2015, we have managed to register these promising figures that reveal slippage symmetry and testify to our advanced execution and order-matching technologies.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) has sounded a warning that Malaysia could experience fiscal slippage.
The slippage is affecting 60 houses, 15 severely, the committee heard.
The management of ACFX in an attempt to reaffirm its commitment to providing total transparency with respect to the trade execution process has decided to announce their latest slippage data.
ECHELON FLEX GST System resulted in 4-times less tissue slippage during firing compared to Covidien s ENDO GIA Reloads with TriStaple technology, which may eliminate one reload per procedure.
The weight utilization coefficient as a comparative indicator to evaluate the slippage of the tractor is widely used in various origins of literature.
Causes of screw slippage can be traced to high backpressure, too-hot or too-cold rear barrel section, a worn barrel or screw, too-shallow feed section on the screw, improper hopper design, an empty or blocked hopper, wet resin, excessive lubricant in the resin, fines, or poorly cut resin or regrind.
Caws may be to some extent informed by Jacques Derrida's deconstructionist notion of the unavoidable and fatal slippage that occurs between the signified and the signifier, resulting in multiple interpretations and the negation of all meaning, as well as the conceptions of Antonin Artaud, a French avant-garde poet, dramatist, essayist, and artist (also one of Derrida's influences) who was preoccupied with the limitations and inadequacy of language and rejected mimesis in theatrical work.
The Arrowhead ceramic lagging solves the problems of belt slippage and pulley lagging wear, according to the company's two-page bulletin.
Large-bead series--concentrates use same proprietary carrier system as minibead series; larger size causes concentrates to melt later in barrel, avoiding screw slippage.
i] rests on the development of tactile sensor systems based on object slippage registration while slipping between the gripper fingers.
The women kept diaries of their sexual activity each month, including instances of condom slippage and breakage.
Slippage along the San Andreas fault, the boundary between the North American and the Pacific tectonic plates, began offshore just west of San Francisco Bay.
The site sits along the rift zone, where there can be up to 25 feet of fault slippage in seconds.
In this timeless city," the voice-over intones, "in this spaceless preserve any slippage can occur.