slip stitch

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a loose stitch catching only a thread or two of fabric

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The slip stitch count and stitches that are picked up along the heel edges are half of the heel flap number (14).
Start by stitching any seams to get the required width of curtain, then press up a three-inch hem, followed by another three-inch hem and sew by hand using a slip stitch.
Work Rows 1-4 of Slip Stitch chart until piece measures about 66" from CO, ending with Row 2 of chart.
50 for fivePa Make it: Wrap e using Make it: Wrap each hanger in a strip of fabric and hem using a slip stitch on the underside.
Beginners can learn basic knitting techniques, such as casting on and casting off; wrap and turn; slip, slip, knit; and pass slip stitch ever knit stitch.
Use slip stitch to finish off side edges with organza ribbon approx 1cm wide.