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take off with ease or speed

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While rotating or folding, the blade can slip off the top of the wand even if you're moving very slowly.
I'd party with John Cale and Thurston Moore (my new best mates) then quietly slip off to suburbia to give Elvis and Amelie Bowie (the kids) a quick kiss before bed.
But they suffered an early blow in the 10th over when Gareth Rees departed for 19 as David Sales took a fine catch falling to his left at second slip off Copeland.
But Ali perished in the fourth over of the evening session when he was taken by Steve Smith at second slip off Mitchell Starc.
Thakor, having batted with great determination to score 34 off 130 balls, edged to slip off Simon Kerrigan and Tom Wells was trapped lbw by Kyle Hogg.
com)-- Unique detachable shoe accessories, which help keep shoes on feet if they slip off, or make shoes simply more gorgeous.
Mitchell, dropped at second slip off Adams on 36, ploughed on to 53 from 170 balls before giving wicketkeeper Chris Read his third catch, but at 181 for six Worcestershire justified their decision to play an extra batsman.
A large percentage of kids gloves either slip off, allowing snow in, or just come off entirely.
Amber Horton spotted Kieran Martin slip off rocks and fall in.
WHEN heavy snow brought down part of tenant Laura Capper's guttering she contacted the city council at once because it had left a hole in her roof and the tiles were liable to slip off.
Marillier blends a variety of fantasy elements into her story: the sisters who slip off to dance in the fairy kingdom, the enchanted frog, and the legends of the bloodthirsty vampires of the region.
If these far-flung people could only slip off labels like caretaker, deaf-mute, tourist, and foreigner, they would realize they are speaking exactly the same language.
Yes, the publicity-conscious Ms Mills is determined to hang on in there and just to ensure she doesn't slip off the radar she's also announced she MIGHT be taking a trip to war-torn Sudan - with a film crew and a celebrity magazine naturally.
He was a little stiff on his front leg, which caused him to slip off (the mound) a little bit.