slip clutch

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a friction clutch that will slip when the torque is too great

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Shear pin or slip clutch options prevent mower damage if unseen obstacles like rocks or tree stumps are encountered
on Saturday, one of them would sneak under the conveyor and throw some dust on the slip clutch.
Features include a rugged cast aluminum housing and maintenance-free drive motor with slip clutch.
As they rotated the gun system, they noticed that the gun system would intermittently bind using the pneumatic wrench and slip clutch.
The control module converts the electric signal into an analogue pressure signal to produce the required pneumatic pressure for the brake or slip clutch to maintain the constant tension, which is adjustable.
Drive and coil are connected by a slip clutch that interrupts coil traction in case of interference with conveying.
As frequent reversal of rotational direction can often shorten gearhead life, an optional slip clutch may be used to prevent gearhead damage when the mandrel comes to a stop.
The V6500's trencher slip clutch is designed to increase trenching production capabilities.
A mechanical slip clutch was installed to stop the door upon contact with an obstruction.
A single slip clutch stops small stones from catching in them as they rotate and the compact cutting width of 30cm allows for easy guidance between narrow vegetable rows.
As a safety feature, a slip clutch was located at the bottom of the downshaft, above whatever was being driven, so if something stuck, one would not have to climb "upstairs" in the middle of winter to take the mill apart.
Type Spring-Set, Energy Friction, Slip Clutch &
Features include a plug-in pendant station, chain container, and a slip clutch that protects the operator and equipment from overloads.
A slip clutch on the main drive allows the polar shaft to be rotated while the gears are engaged.
For example, the paper in a labeling machine can be held under constant tension by virtue of a slip clutch, rotating slowly in the opposite direction of paper feed.